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He Chooses THEM, and they follow his lead.

"My confidence has SOARED! I learned how to use rejection as a tool, and not in some cliche, cute, superficial way. I EARNED that tool, make no mistake. No tactics, No games. Women come to you because they WANT TO, for the REAL YOU." 

-Nathan Herron

An Unapologetically Confident Man with His Perfect Partner.

"There is a VAST difference between being a confident man and pretending to be one through tricks and tactics. Many of us have been through hard things that have shaken our confidence. Best thing is that Ed genuinely cares about what you're going through and understands it himself."

-Randy Nichols

More Attention than He Ever Expected! They even fly to meet him.

"It's pretty cool when, on a regular basis, I get to start a conversation with, "You'll never believe what just happened!" I started working with Ed because his focus is on relationships based on heart-level connection, being ourselves and being loved for who we are."

-Russ Brown

Seized His Power, Turned it all Around and is Marrying His Perfect Partner.

"Ed took the time to hear me out and unbeknownst to me was making notes. He told me he would send me an email lining out my new battle plan for life and my new relationships in the future; He did just that!  I highly recommend you sign up and start working with ED BAXTER; your future self will thank you."

-Christopher France

"End the Cycle of Betrayal"

  • Get your power back 
  • Find peace of mind
  • End your paranoia
  • Get out of your head

"I've gone from a failing marriage to one where the wife has no idea what she wants, yet she cant keep her hands off of me. I go to bars and have women approach me as if I'm Hugh Hefner or something. If you read the books and truly apply these principles the results with women are only a side effect to the satisfaction you feel with yourself as a man, I no longer need a woman for anything except pleasure. Its bizarre, wish I had met Ed at birth, lol."

Jay Fisk

"Thank you Ed for your articles, insight and coaching to get me to this level. Things are coming together in ways i didn't think were possible. Life feels great! I have recently met a new woman, she lives two hours away. We met half way for dinner and it went well. It was after i shared where I was in my own personal growth, and why, that the conversations shifted. I shared some of my personal goals, mentioned how Genuine Attraction and Coaching was transforming how I viewed myself, woman and dating. I quickly found out where she was at in her own life, much the same as mine, having met so many people who just don't get it, we had a connection."

Bruce Riser

"When it comes to attraction, this group is best as filled with very mature and wise men. Best part about Ed is that he is with ease with the world. He follows his value system yet does not judge other especially PUA. I find that judging others makes us victim and we can't give true value, so thanks Ed and all men here."

Ajay Singh

"In my opinion, the name Genuine Attraction says it all. There are married guys like myself who are trying reclaim our marriages through personal metamorphosis. There are divorced men who are trying to figure out the dating life again after years of being out of it. There are young men trying to woo a woman and figure out how to become a GA man. For me I realized that I haven’t been showing up in my marriage. And the term ‘Genuine Attraction’ means, for me, a man who isn’t putting on a mask. A man who is willing to be vulnerable enough. A man who is confident in his own self. A man who will recognize his weakness and then actively use his strengths to help him improve. "


"If anyone is wondering if Ed knows what he’s doing and what he’s talking about, this is the result of listening to him, following his instructions, completing the muse worksheet and then just being my damn self like he says you should. This is the girl of my dreams. She’s exactly what I’m looking for, and she’s hooked. So in conclusion, yes, Ed knows what the hell he’s talking about."

Mick Beckett

"Let me start by saying I had been seeing a therapist on and off for a couple years. Then I started working with Ed. Ed picked up on a couple things right away that game me not only clarity about my situation that I didn't have before but also specific, actionable items for me to do to take control and begin to resolve the real issues going on. Thank you for your insight and assistance to me back on track!"


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