Why You Should Never Argue With Your Woman

Do you find yourself in arguments with your woman constantly? It might even feel exhilirating and you feel like fiery arguments are a regular part of a normal relationship.


What if it wasn't so? What if I told you that arguments are ruining your relationship? In this video I will show you why it's never a good idea to ARGUE with your woman. I'll show you how to improve your daily communication so arguing and heated conflicts will rarely if ever be necessary.

In the video, you'll find:

  • The main cause of arguments - She's not feeling heard and understood
  • The root of her nagging and getting snippy at you is caused by her not feeling heard and understood.
  • Her escalating into a fight is simply her frustration of her not feeling like you are listening and understanding her
  • When she brings up other topics unrelated to the original problem she's only referencing other things that make her feel the same way. Think of it as an analogy and not another problem.
  • When you disagree with her speak your peace but DON'T defend it.
  • NEVER OFFER SOLUTIONS to her problems
  • NEVER FEEL RESPONSIBLE for her happiness
  • Never feel responsible for her problems, but own your part.
  • Never say blanket statements like "you always do this" or "you never do this." Soften it with "sometimes," "I feel like," and "often."
  • Be the rock. Don't get wrapped up in her emotions no matter how much she tries to pull you off base, and no matter what she says.
  • Power through resistance.
  • Illicit feedback if it's related directly to you.
  • Sometimes she won't know how she's feeling or why she's feeling it. So it's important to KEEP HER TALKING.

When you disagree with her speak your peace but DON'T defend it.

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Specializing in helping men get back on their feet after a divorce, Ed Baxter has helped hundreds of divorced men through Genuine Attraction over the last 4 years.

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