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Step 1: Learn Why Betrayal Happens...

What happens to good men who've done their best.

Step 2: How To Fix Your Life & Prevent Betrayal

A look inside the "Move On After Betrayal" program

Step 3: A Quick Peek Into How Your Future Can Look

See the POWER of the "Move On After Betrayal" program for yourself

Watch Chris' Story

Got His Mojo Back & Saved His Life in 6 days

Watch Craig Mulder's Story

Got Massive Perspective & Profound Relief in 7 days

Watch Jacob's Story

Got Emotionally Over His Ex-Narcissist in 8 days

Watch Dan's Story

Got His Wife & Mojo Back in 21 Days

Watch Shaun's Story

Conquered Crushing Heartbreak in 6 Weeks


Ed knows what the hell he’s talking about...

If anyone is wondering if Ed knows what he’s doing and what he’s talking about, this is the result of listening to him, following his instructions, completing the muse worksheet and then just being my damn self like he says you should. This is the girl of my dreams. She’s exactly what I’m looking for, and she’s hooked.
So in conclusion - Yes, Ed knows what the hell he’s talking about.

Mick Beckett

Ed genuinely cares about what you're going through...

There is a VAST difference between being a confident man and pretending to be one through tricks and tactics. Many of us have been through hard things that have shaken our confidence. Best thing is that Ed genuinely cares about what you're going through and understands it himself.

Randy Nichols

Will this program help me get my wife back?

While Move On After Betrayal  WILL give you the tools to handle the pain, and make your life amazing, I can make no predictions on what your wife will do, nor can I promise that we can manipulate her or the situation so that she will come back.

What I WILL say is that this course will absolutely give you the emotional self control and freedom to be the kind of man YOU need and want to be. To be your best self. To approach life unapologetically. Then it's up to her to decide if she wants the upgraded version of you. There is no trick or tactic that will make a woman fall for you or be attracted to you. You can only fix you.

Anything you've seen otherwise online is a lie designed to take advantage of your situation.

But on average, men feel a new lease on life after 2 to 3 weeks into the program.

I've been recently separated, am I ready for this?

Move On After Betrayal is meant for guys like you, in your situation. Even if she's still living with you.

You'll learn how to handle the pain of a recent separation and develop effective coping mechanisms when you're feeling anxiety and you're having a hard time functioning. You'll discover why women leave good men, even happy marriages, and how to become the kind of guy that doesn't get cheated on, while still being a good man. You'll also learn how to End the Cycle of betrayal so that your children can emulate healthy relationships. 

It is about understanding how you work, how the feminine works, and making your life compelling to you. In the process of building a compelling life, you become not only more attractive than you've ever been, but you'll prevent bad situations to begin with.

This program is about Moving Forward, Getting Your Mojo Back, and Dating 10x better when you are ready while releasing the fear of betrayal so that you can get close to another woman again. A woman who truly deserves you. This is the program that will get you over the pain of betrayal, get you moving forward, and attract incredible women into your life...when you are ready.

Does it help with the constant paranoia of being cheated on?

Move On After Betrayal is about getting it right, and having a great life. 

We go deep into why people, but specifically women, cheat even in a happy marriage. You'll learn how to ensure you find the right partner who is loyal, where infidelity isn't an option, and being the kind of man that women DON'T cheat on.

You will learn how to be valued as your True Self. How for most women this is what they have wanted their whole life. Women do not cheat or leave men who do what we do. If you follow the steps and create your life like I outline in the program you will End the Cycle of Betrayal, and have Peace of Mind.

How does the Group Coaching Program work?

The program consists of:

  • At least a single one on one personal coaching call.
  • Attend Group Coaching Calls twice a week
  • Video course comprising over 50 videos in 6 modules (18hrs total)
  • Exclusive Private Community

How much does the program cost?

The program has a ridiculously high success rate, and so we screen potential candidates to ensure their success via application and the call.

But we want to help as many as humanly possible. The program is priced to be affordable for a recently divorced man. But also expensive enough to encourage you to TAKE ACTION.

When are the group coaching sessions?

The Group Coaching calls are set up via the Private Community. You will also get email invites. We use Zoom.

How much help will I receive in the group coaching sessions?

I (Ed) do my best to get to all of the questions and help out as much as possible. The coaching sessions are targeted for 60 minutes, sometimes they go longer sometimes shorter depending on the needs of the group. 

We go until we're done.

How can I find out more information about the Group Coaching Program?

The BEST way to find out more about the program is to apply. 

On the call we will dig into your particular situation IN EXTREME DETAIL, and give you a very clear path and how the program will (or will not) work for you. Transparency is key.

Simply click on any button on this page to do so.

or you can email:

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