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How I Help Men Turn A Betrayal Around In 21 Days or Pivot & Move On Even Faster

The Keys to Becoming The Guy She Would Kick Herself For Leaving and Preventing it From Ever Happening Again

A short video on how to become the guy she would kick her self for losing

Without dragging her to couples counseling 
Without begging her to stay
• Or waiting for her to come around

Or jumping through hoops to keep her from leaving
• So you can get your power back and be respected, appreciated, loved, and desired

“Took me 3 days to feel 100% better with the program, even after months of counseling.”

– Matt Woerner

“This program changed my life completely.”

- Scott Glaser

“Love this guy… he’s helped refocus my efforts to succeed with all, especially women and healthy relationships! THANK YOU ED!!!”

– Scott Nelson


Ed genuinely cares about what you're going through...

There is a VAST difference between being a confident man and pretending to be one through tricks and tactics. Many of us have been through hard things that have shaken our confidence. Best thing is that Ed genuinely cares about what you're going through and understands it himself.

Randy Nichols

My wife left me after she cheated and it was my fault according to her...

I went through a terrible situation. My wife left me after she cheated and it was my fault according to her. Now I have to do all I can to not think about her. I started the "Move On After Betrayal" program last week and I will tell you honestly, it has already been a life changing for me. It has given so much insight into myself. Well worth the money. Hang in there and it will get better.

Lester Dickenson

Women approach me as if I'm Hugh Hefner or something...

I've gone from a failing marriage to one where the wife has no idea what she wants, yet she cant keep her hands off of me. I go to bars and have women approach me as if I'm Hugh Hefner or something. If you read the books and truly apply these principles the results with women are only a side effect to the satisfaction you feel with yourself as a man, I no longer need a woman for anything except pleasure. Its bizarre, wish I had met Ed at birth, lol.

Jay Fisk

Ed took the time to hear me out...

Ed took the time to hear me out and unbeknownst to me was making notes. He told me he would send me an email lining out my new battle plan for life and my new relationships in the future; He did just that! I highly recommend you sign up and start working with ED BAXTER; your future self will thank you.

Christopher France

She was cheating on me financially as well...

She was the one with poor morals, character issues, and I learned a lot being single again and from Ed Baxter. He truly wants to help us as men to succeed in many areas of our lives and have the most confidence that we can! Everyone would like to be with someone, but it has to be the right kind of person. Thanks Ed for all you do for the betterment of men!

Jeff Stenerson

I'm beyond grateful for our interaction...

I'm working through the challenges of reestablishing myself and my confidence after my ex wife's infidelity. I'm beyond grateful for our interaction. Ed is personable, thoughtful and challenging. I've walked away with a set of actions that I could start TODAY to move forward living more fully in my own existence and value as a man. I highly recommend anybody who has this opportunity, seize it!

John Bibbs

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