Crushed By Betrayal? Get Back On Your Feet With This Rapid Relief Kit

A swift remedy against ruminating over past conversations.
A shortcut out of crippling anxiety and guilt.

Get all you need to feel like yourself again.

Introducing The Betrayal Relief Kit

Suddenly something switched. She just flipped the script and started acting like a complete stranger... and you have no idea why. It doesn't matter how many times you apologize or try to explain, nothing seems to help.

She even called YOU a narcissist.

You doubt your sanity. You don't know what's right. You feel confused, trapped and powerless. You feel you've been wronged, but at the same time you're overwhelmed by guilt.

Listen brother. We got you.

This online course is the first responder kit for the man who's been betrayed. We give you clarity on what's happened and why. We give you simple (but effective tools to clear your mind of doubt and gain back your power. We will help you stop ruminating over what you should've done or said differently yesterday, so you can find peace of mind today.

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Took me 3 days to feel 100% better with the program, even after months of counseling.
-Matt Woerner
I was contemplating suicide, I was a fucking mess. Clicking that button literally saved my life.
-Chris Lilly

These Guys Transformed Their Lives in 2 Weeks

"She just pulled the carpet from underneath me. She kicked me out, kept me away from my family. It was just devastating to me."

Brandon Rose

"She walked into my office one night and said I want you to leave right now. I'm seeing someone else."

Robert Moore

"She wasn't just flat out in my face with anything. She just manipulated me very subtly. After 20 years she moved into the basement and locked the door."

Lester Dickerson

What do You Get When You Sign Up?

The Betrayal Relief Kit is designed to rapidly help you get back on your feet after betrayal. That's why we focus on simple, powerful exercises and hard science that's directly related to your situation.

On average, our guys start noticing massive change within two weeks.

When you sign up, you get tk hours of coaching video and tk simple exercises that you will use to regain your power.

Guidance and Clarity

Sudden betrayal can feel like shellshock.

We will help you understand what happened with her, what's happening to you and why it happened. Most importantly, we'll help you figure out YOUR next step.

Real Exercises That Work

Words are wonderful and theory is great. But to transform your LIFE, we need something real.

That's why we focus on simple physical exercises that you can start doing immediately. You control your body, you control your mind. And that's when you regain your POWER.

Freedom From Rumination and Anxiety

Betrayal comes with plenty of doubt, confusion and anxiety. You don't know if you can trust yourself anymore.

We'll help you find safety and solid ground. We help you stop the overwhelming crazy thoughts so you can eventually find peace.

Support Network of Likeminded Men

If you're like most men, you have no one to talk to about this. In some cases, she may have even disconnected you from your friends.

We got you, brother. In addition to our best coaches, you'll have access to a community of men who have been in your position. You'll get actual support from people who care about YOUR success.

Brother, You're Not Alone

"She met someone and dropped me like a piece of trash. When I joined this group I realized I wasn't alone. An amazing support group where these guys all had their own stories."

Brett Backhaus

"I tried really hard to better myself and make myself 'worthy'. I was in a ton of pain and bewilderment and feeling like a failure. I clicked on Ed's video and he starts listing all the things I've been going through like how does he have a script of my life?"

John Duckett


She was cheating on me financially as well...

Jeff Stenerson

She was the one with poor morals, character issues, and I learned a lot being single again and from Ed Baxter. He truly wants to help us as men to succeed in many areas of our lives and have the most confidence that we can! Everyone would like to be with someone, but it has to be the right kind of person. Thanks Ed for all you do for the betterment of men!


Ed picked up on a couple of things right away...


I had been seeing a therapist on and off for a couple years. Then I started working with Ed. Ed picked up on a couple things right away that gave me clarity about my situation that I didn't have before and also specific, actionable items for me to do to take control and begin to resolve the real issues going on. Thank you for your insight and assistance to me back on track!


Ed knows what the hell he’s talking about...

Mick Beckett

If anyone is wondering if Ed knows what he’s doing and what he’s talking about, this is the result of listening to him, following his instructions, completing the muse worksheet and then just being my damn self like he says you should. This is the girl of my dreams. She’s exactly what I’m looking for, and she’s hooked.
So in conclusion - Yes, Ed knows what the hell he’s talking about.

Look, What You're Doing Ain't Working

Free internet advice

The internet is full of people who give advice. Most of it is useless. And if it isn't, it's incomplete. If you're here, you're done with advice. You need a solution.


If you've seen a counselor or therapist before, you know that they can't help. The counselor may even be against you if your wife is with you. You go home without any tools to deal with your pain and end up feeling like the asshole.

Trying to get her back

You can try to get her back, it's like everything you do is pushing her further away. Flowers, apologies, getting the kids, cleaning the house, all of it falls on deaf ears ... or she turns it into an attack against you. You're unable to prove to her you're the good guy.

help from friends and family

While friends and family love and care for us, they're usually useless when it comes to help. It's embarrassing for a start.

More importantly, they have a heavy bias, burdened by their past perception of you and your ex. Hell, they might not even believe what you're saying and gloss over your pain completely.

Standing up to her

It's crossed your mind. Why not just tell her straight up what a horrible person she is? You know how it would turn out. She would ridicule and guilt you for feeling the way you do. She would blame you for how things have gone. She would make herself the victim and you the bad guy. She'd blame you for treating the kids this way. 

She's a fucking giant. Good luck standing up to that.

doing it alone

Damn, brother. I've heard "I was ready to kill myself" one too many times to let you do this on your own. Carrying this weight by yourself can be soul crushing and lead to massive harm, especially if you're surrounded by toxic people feeding you poisonous beliefs about yourself. You're not alone my man, so don't think you are. If you're even considering doing it alone, get in touch.

We got you, one way or the other.

Dramatic Growth With Our Guys

"Week 3 and I'm on fire, man. I'm on fire! My business has changed, I'm not a pleaser, I've got boundaries."

"Once you go past that honeymoon stage in your relationship, you're gonna have to let her know where you're going, or she's not gonna stay. And that's what this program does, it gives you the fundamentals and helps it grow."

Betrayal Relief Kit Contents

Here's a preview of exactly what you get when you sign up for the Betrayal Relief Kit program.


Module 1: What Now?! (1.25h)

In this module we take a bird's eye view of what's going on. We help you understand your situation, what happened to lead you there and what is going on in her head.

Just this module by itself can be enough to save your marriage, if there's something to be saved.

Understanding her emotional state
Your promises fall on deaf ears
Her Exit Strategy
State what you desire, unapologetically
Walk away and never look back
Rubber Band Theory
What you can control


Module 2: How to Handle the Pain (2.5h)

This module is all about handling your pain. With highly practical  and simple exercises, we help you let go of anxiety, worry and  rumination.

Here you will learn to understand and love yourself, and cultivate a peaceful harmonious mind. This is where you gain your power, perhaps in amounts you've never experienced before.


Homework - How to Find Relief in 2 weeks
Ascend Anxiety
Removing Negativity
Letting Go of Worry Forever
Rumination Replacement Technique
How to Meditate & Be Mindful
Standing ChiGong Basics (Kong Meditation)
Intentional Journaling
Sabotaging Habits


Module 3: Why Betrayal Happens (1.5h)

In this module we explore the behavior patterns and relationship dynamics that lead to betrayal. 

While this is a more theory focused module, it can be the most hard hitting. When you understand how a relationship ends in betrayal, you understand that you have the power to stop it.

Not only has this helped many of our guys create loving relationships with amazing women, but it's also taken many of their businesses and careers to the next level.

Victimized, but not a victim
The Wife Who Stopped Trying (Neglect)
The Ultimate Escape Artist (Secret Self)
The Lost Spice of Life (No Attraction)
The Battle Ax (Lost Respect)
The Masked Woman


Module 4: Bonus material?

Any bonus cool stuff?

feb 28 group call - this would be nice to show the group in action, but is it part of the course?

About The Course Teacher, [Your Name]

Write this section in second-person, meaning you should not use the words ‘I’ or ‘We’ or ‘Me’. Instead, talk about the course teacher objectively, even if you are the teacher! It’s time to show off your achievements and prove why you are the right person to be teaching this topic.

But just after you’ve talked yourself up, make sure you end on a friendly note. You don’t want to sound intimidating, you want to sound knowledgeable and friendly.

"When I came across Ed's course, something resonated immediately."

Kashan Curry

"I started perusing the internet for help. I had been looking into other programs and bootcamps, but I just didn't feel those programs were able to help me. What Ed had to say really resonated with me."

David Schwartz

"You get what you need when you need it. Within four days I've noticed a difference."

Chris Pendergast

"Life is getting amazing amazing amazing every single day. It's to a point where if someone asks me do you want more fulfilled and more happiness I would have to decline because I don't think I could handle it!"

Ajay Singh

"This is way out of my comfort zone, but lately ... I don't even have a comfort zone."

Dan Badger


The freedom of being released from your own thoughts is amazing...

Alex Galicia

Prior to starting the program, I was lost. I knew there was a better way but I had no idea where to start. I lacked leadership, direction and awareness on how to manage my marriage. It could be possible that I may not have been with my wife if I knew what I know now. I do see red flags now but I didn't recognize them then. If I had set up the right boundaries and stayed true to myself, 99% of what happened in my marriage would have been avoided.

Since starting the program, I am starting not to be attracted to my wife. I'm leveling up and she isn't as appealing as she was before I started the program. I have seen some change in her behavior with a few things I have done. But I don't know if I would want to be with her as a husband again once I finish my growth in this program.

Since starting the program, I have kept count how many times she's called me an ASSHOLE. I'm up to 8 times in a few weeks. I told her she won't get my attention if she continues certain habits that I don't like and she knows about.

If you are lost as I once was, I highly recommend you talk to Ed Baxter. The freedom of being released from your own thoughts alone is amazing.


What we tolerate we encourage...

Jacob Lowe

This program is very well put together! I have come so far in how I view myself and how I value myself. I am learning to set boundaries in my relationships in all facets of my life. Stay positive, Ed. Keep showing us who we truly are and our true value in this world! It's not really that all women are bitches, they just test us and what we tolerate we encourage. It is a vicious cycle that only we can break free from for ourselves!


I woke up this morning to SO MUCH LESS STRESS AND ANXIETY!


After just recently starting this program and I mean like yesterday, I have never felt more at ease with my pain and anxiety and understanding how to control these emotions. It may have put a dent in my pocket :D but if I'm not going to fully invest in myself, then I will be lost in my own self pity and anxiety.

I woke up this morning to SO MUCH LESS STRESS AND ANXIETY! I thought someone cast a spell on me! I do not have everything under control but I do have a MAJOR FOOTHOLD on my life and know where I wanna be. I used the words from the email yesterday of what to say when u are approached with the words I'm confused. I used "I'm not confused I know what I want, and if you're not willing to be here with me 100% to prioritize us, then you're out and I'm moving on immediately starting now." She was taken aback she FINALLY WAS SPEECHLESS. She looked at me with a confused look and still said IDK. Great that's my answer and u know what I'm happy abt it.

Who This Program Is Not For

Make no mistake. This course is not for everyone. We are a tribe of amazing human beings who value growth, love, humanity and acceptance.

There are some people who won't find this course or this community useful, so please do yourself and us a favor and come back when you're ready.

  • Whiners, complainers, victims. If you would rather sit in the mud than grab the hand that's trying to pull you out, please close this tab. You're free to scream, shout and cry while you do the work, but we're not here to enable your victim identity.
  • Angry toddlers, followers of any sort of "pill." We deal in love and expansion. If you're driven by hate, rage, manipulation or an adversarial relationship to women, please close this tab.
  • Coasters, freeloaders. You're welcome to lurk and tag along of course, but the only way to get results is to DO THE WORK, which is sometimes difficult. If you're not willing to take action and save your life, please close this tab.

How Much Is Your Happiness Worth?

Let's be quite frank here.

A therapist costs upwards of $150/h. And while it's better than nothing, it'll take years for change to happen. So probably closer to $15000.

Marriage counselling can also be $150/h and up. Here it's even worse, they rarely even give a shit about your pain and leave you feeling like an asshole. 

Private coaching works wonders if you find the right coach, but it's expensive. A private session with one of our guys is $250. For one hour. When they're available. And however good the coach is, you still need multiple hours to get a result. Closer to $2500 then.

These sums are tiny compared to what some men lose in painful divorces. I'm not even talking about losing $10000s or $100000s of dollars in unfortunate settlements and lawyer fees.

I'm talking about losing custody of your children.

Because that's what we're talking about here:


How much is a smile worth to you?

How much a peaceful moment where you could just sit down with your hand around your woman, knowing that she will be there for you come rain or shine?

How much is it worth to you that you don't have to spend another sleepless night WORRYING?

You're getting access to this program at a measly $799.

"I would've paid double."
-Craig Mulder

Pricing Plan

regular course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call
regular course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

Here's the deal. We teach stuff that works. Brings results. We got hundreds of satisfied customers that will line up to guarantee that.

If you're unable to get a result within 30 days and you can show that you've done the work, you'll get your money back pronto. I still ask you - don't make this purchase unless you're ready to change your life.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

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