Why Would She Like Me?

You know the one question, the big hangup, that keeps men from moving forward? It's "Why would she like me?" Because YOU are the guy she has been looking for.

Let me explain.


Women have been looking for men like you their WHOLE LIFE. I know you've heard women say, "Where are all the good men?"

I'm fairly certain you've thought to yourself, "I'm a good man! Why don't they don't like me!?" Yes! You are a nice and good man, but did you know SHE WANTS to be with you?! 

But she can't.

Because good men sacrifice themselves for scraps of attention. Trying to be nice to win her favor. They don't say "Yes to themselves" they say "yes" to everybody else.

When you say "yes" to yourself, she will be HAPPY to meet you. She'll be happy to know that you're able to give her the love she has been looking for her whole life, from YOU!

She doesn't really want a jerk, the rich guy, or the buff guy. She wants a REAL man, not a toy, or vanity obsessed boy, but a man who has the courage to look himself up and down and say, "Yes" to himself, with humility, own up to his limitations, and step out of his comfort zone and be better than he was yesterday.

When you say "yes" to yourself and get started, something bigger than yourself starts to happen. The universe starts to open up, and respond to YOU, and opportunities open up for YOU. Situations arise and women appear. For YOU! 

And SHE will be ECSTATIC to meet you. And she'll want MORE of you. 

She'll want ALL of you.

Because the TRUE YOU that says "yes" to himself is what she ever really wanted. And then you can feel her tears of happiness on your cheeks as you kiss her softly next to the fire.

She wants the TRUE YOU! The REAL YOU! The Unapologetic...fully open... YOU!

A REAL man, fully present, open, strong, and humble. A man she can truly trust.

When she THANKS you for changing her life with this love. When she THANKS you for restoring her faith in men. 

In that moment...

It will be totally worth it.

It won't matter how hard it was or how hard you worked.

It won't matter how many times you were rejected, or how low you felt at times.

It won't matter if you've only dated one woman or a thousand.

It will be worth every obstacle, all the heartbreak, all the time you put in or didn't have to depending on what program you use because in that moment it will absolutely be worth everything you put in.

So the answer to the question "Why should she like me?", is because nobody else can be your Unapologetic True Self. It's unique to you. The way that you are in the world, the way you approach it, the perspectives you hold, your talents, your charm, the trials you've overcome, your stories, and your unique personality, is exclusively YOU!  

The way that you would love her, the way that you would protect her, and the one she needs to hear this from... is YOU and she's out there.

Waiting for you.

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In light,
Ed Baxter

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Specializing in helping men get back on their feet after a divorce, Ed Baxter has helped hundreds of divorced men through Genuine Attraction over the last 4 years.

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