How to Get Over a Breakup - Get Awesome and Find Someone Better

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2019
How's it going! Ed Baxter here from Genuine Attraction where we teach shy or introverted men how to be their unapologetic and heartfelt selves so that they can find and attract their perfect partner.
    On the YouTube channel, I do a lot of dating & relationship advice from a different perspective in that we believe that your TRUE NATURAL SELF is all you really need to attract the kind of woman that's perfect for you.
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Video Outline
  • What's going on with you.
    • You're really going through an identity crisis. You've put your life together with this person and now you're going to have to reevaluate your identity.
  • Don't
    • Contact your ex for ANY reason
    • Don't go facebook stalking or looking her up
    • In your mind assume that it's forever over and look towards your life being without her, FOREVER.
  • Allow your emotions
    • Don't distract yourself
    • Find a quiet place
    • Allow them to come up
    • Ask them to do their worst
    • Feel them fully
    • At some point, they will go away
    • They come in waves, but the waves get smaller each time
  • Get working on yourself
    • The worst thing you can do when feeling depressed and not processing the emotions is do nothing
    • Force yourself to do something
    • Don't distract yourself
    • When you aren't processing your emotions, get working on yourself
    • Make a list of all the things you SHOULD be doing, and start doing it
    • Get working out
    • Get working at your job
    • Get social with your friends
    • Be with family or anybody supportive
  • Figure out where you were failing and forgive yourself
    • Get working on becoming a better man
  • If you're feeling like you'll never find a new girl
    • Go out and get some validation
    • Start casually dating
    • Sometimes a little validation is enough to make you feel right again.
  • Do all of these things at once, at the same time
    • Some people say you shouldn't date until you're over it, but I find that dating WHILE processing, as long as you're not committing is a great and fun way to get over it. It shows you how abundant life can really be, and you'll have a great time doing it.
  • And Finally
    • Be VERY deliberate in who you want to commit to again.
  • But what I want to know is, what kinds of things have YOU tried and done to successfully feel better and in your own power after a breakup? Share with me in the comments below

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