I Can Get SOME Numbers, but Then They FLAKE – Best of Last Week

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Check out the best of the questions from last week:


Is Practicing Improv a Good Idea Getting Better with Women? - Doing things that get you out of your comfort zone in order to put stress on your nervous system so that talking to normal women doesn't seem so bad.

How to Get to the Second Date - How to get unstuck when you're able to get a number or two, but the women seem to lose interest after the first date.

She's My Girlfriend Now, Why Am I Still Insecure? - How relationships provide a safe place to work on your insecurities and how relationships actually can make you MORE insecure, and what to do about it.

My Date Doesn't Like Me, But Wants Me to Date Her Friend! - What to do when you've been interested in a woman for a while, finally ask her out and on the date says you'd be great for her friend.

I Can Get the Number, But She Always Flakes! - What to do when you can get a number but can never get her on the actual date.

She Doesn't Want to be Exclusive - How to gracefully date women casually until they fall in love with you slowly over time even when they say they don't want anything serious.

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