She Says She Has a Boyfriend, Is She Jerking Me Around? – Best of Last Week

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She Has a Boyfriend, How Do I Proceed? - What to do if you start talking to a woman and she says she has a boyfriend or husband but isn't wearing a ring. Do women just say this to keep guys away? How should you approach this?

How Do I Ask a Woman Out At the Checkout Line - What to do when you're obviously having chemistry with a cashier or sample girl and aren't sure how to go about it with other people around. 

Do I Break Up With a Great Woman? - What to do when you're with a woman who's great and has no red flags but you aren't sure what to do in the future with her. When you know she'll say "Yes" for marriage but aren't sure if you should ask her to marry you.

Is it OK to Date Many People At Once? - How to ethically date multiple women and why it's OK to do so, so long as you aren't stringing them along and how to appropriately address certain questions from her.

Do I Reassure Her or Pull Back? - How to appropriately lead the relationship forward with a woman who wants it to stay casual without scaring her off so that she wants a commitment from you and doesn't pull away from you.

Is She Jerking Me Around!? - How to look at a woman's actions and not at her words when you suspect something is up so that you know the right course of action and can move forward with your life and have her follow you.

We're Both Leaving in a Month - Why it's better to leave on a good note when having a fling instead of artificially extending out something that you know has an expiration date.

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