Attracting Women at Comic-Con, Dating Multiple Women – Best of Last Week

Here are some questions that I answered recently from men like you!

Attract Women at Comic-Con?! - There are more women than you think...and it's way easier than you would believe. 


Dating Multiple Women & When to Break Up with Old Ones - It's not as easy or as clean it if first appears...but there IS a way to do it ETHICALLY. 

I've Resorted to Speed Dating - Are you a loser for resorting to speed dating? Or is it really a secret weapon? (hint: It's a secret weapon, I know you're smarter than a click-bait title)

About the author

Specializing in helping men get back on their feet after a divorce, Ed Baxter has helped hundreds of divorced men through Genuine Attraction over the last 4 years.

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