1 on 1 Emotional Relief w/ Ajay Singh

Ajay not only does the weekly group Releasing Calls entitled "Rise From the Pit of Despair" He also does 1 on 1 Releasing if you need extra discretion. 100% Private.

As a member of Move On After Betrayal:

    -  First 1 on 1 with Ajay Included
    -  Extra calls are $97ea

This call is a powerful emotional relief session designed to teach you how to resolve intense and powerful emotions.

1 on 1 Action Plan Creation w/ Ed Baxter

Ed Baxter is Available for 1 on 1 coaching at a rate of $197 per session. This call can be recorded at your discretion and downloaded at your leisure. 100% Private.

1 on 1 coaching is considered a premium service and an accelerator to the group coaching experience.

Ed is the creator of the Move On After Betrayal program, owner of GenuineAttraction.com and developer of the Heroes Way - Men's inner fulfillment system