1 on 1 Coaching Available

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Ajay Singh - 1 on 1 call

emotional relief coach

Ajay not only does the weekly group Releasing Calls entitled "Rise From the Pit of Despair" He also does 1 on 1 Releasing if you need extra discretion. 100% Private.

As a member of Move On After Betrayal:

    -  As many as needed

This call is a powerful emotional relief session designed to teach you how to resolve intense and powerful emotions.

ed baxter - personized action plan

creator/ceo genuine attraction

Ed Baxter is Available for 1 on 1 to gain massive perspective and create a personalized action plan. This call can be recorded at your discretion and downloaded at your leisure. 100% Private.

1 on 1 coaching is considered a premium service and an accelerator to the group coaching experience.

Jude reason - 1 on 1 NLP session

NLP specialist

Jude not only helps new members get to know each other in "The Heroes Forge", Jude also does 1 on 1 NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) to deprogram limiting beliefs you've held onto for years. This allows you to interact with the ex and not get triggered. It's unbelievable how well it works. 100% Private.

As a member of Move On After Betrayal:

    -  First 1 on 1 with Jude Included
    -  Extra calls are $97ea

This call within 30 minutes will release your emotional triggers instantly so you will no longer ruminate.